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Celebrating Shel Silverstein!

February 2014

Put on your party hats, Shel fans! This year, we’re celebrating the 50th anniversary of The Giving Tree, as well as the anniversaries of five other Shel Silverstein classics—Don’t Bump the Glump!; A Giraffe and a Half; Lafcadio, the Lion Who Shot Back; and Who Wants a Cheap Rhinoceros?, as well as the 40th anniversary of Where the Sidewalk Ends. We’re kicking off the celebration this month with new collectable editions of these titles, each featuring a commemorative gold foil sticker. Check out the Books page to see the covers!

We’re also marking 50 years of The Giving Tree with its debut in ebook for the first time ever. Now a new generation of readers can experience the beloved classic in a whole new way! Click here to learn more about The Giving Tree and get the ebook.

Our celebration is just getting started, so stay tuned to shelsilverstein.com, as well as the Shel Silverstein Facebook page, for new activities and teaching resources, fun shareable content, and more.