Don't Bump the Glump!

50th Anniversary

Don't Bump the Glump!

Available Editions

  • 50th Anniversary Hardcover

    HarperCollins Publishers

    Originally published in 1964

    64 pages

    ISBN: 0061493384

    $17.99 - $21.99 CAN


It's a zoo in here!
Have you ever…
Seen a Gritchen in your kitchen?
Dared to dance with the One-Legged Zantz?
Declined to dine with the Glub-Toothed Sline?

You haven't? Well then, step inside—but only if you are ready to be amazed, tickled, astonished, and entertained by this most unusual bestiary of silly and scary creatures.

Shel Silverstein combined his unique imagination and bold brand of humor for his first poetry collection—the only one he illustrated in full color. Don’t Bump The Glump! and Other Fantasies was originally published in 1964, the same year as his famous picture book The Giving Tree.